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Multipurpose Wearable Technology Suit:

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04 Haziran 2024 - 13:56

Multipurpose Wearable Technology Suit:

Multipurpose Wearable Technology Suit: An Innovative Solution for Maritime Safety

The multi-purpose wearable technology suit developed for the prevention of drowning cases occurring in seas and water areas offers an effective solution to emergencies underwater and above water. This suit consists of knee pads that can be fixed to the ankle and the underside of the knee and just above the knee and calf with 4 clips that can be removed and replaced. In addition, there are thrust motors that can be mounted between the ankle and knee to the outside with the help of the angle adjustable knee brace. These features provide a practical and effective solution that can be used in rescue operations and hobby swimming activities.

Technical Specifications and Application Areas

This innovative wearable technology suit is designed for use in underwater and surface transport. The suit can reach speeds of up to 35 km/h thanks to its angle-adjustable propulsion motors and can provide 50 minutes of continuous use. These features make it ideal for rescue operations, military use and hobby swimming activities.

Cihan Öztürk’s Personal Context: A Mission to Save Human Life

Cihan Öztürk approached the development of this innovative suit with a personal motivation. He had recently lost two sisters at sea and this tragic event further fuelled his passion for maritime safety. Motivated to prevent others from experiencing the same pain as he did, he aimed to minimise the incidence of drowning at sea. One of the main purposes of developing this suit is to prevent other families from experiencing similar pain. In this respect, Cihan Öztürk’s work is not only a technological innovation, but also the product of a personal mission to save human life.

The multi-purpose wearable technology suit developed by Cihan Öztürk offers an important solution for maritime safety and tourism. Support for the project will help the product to develop further and gain a wider place in the market. This suit is not only a technological innovation, but also a product of a mission to save human lives. I hope this article will help raise awareness about maritime safety and prevent similar tragedies from happening.

Multipurpose Wearable Technology Suit! Now you can be safe in any situation, from underwater rescue operations to hobby water activities.

This amazing suit is equipped with angle-adjustable propulsion motors mounted on the ankle and knee area, so you can move quickly and effectively underwater. In addition, thanks to its user-friendly design, it has been developed so that everyone can use it comfortably.

Inspired by Cihan Öztürk’s personal experience, this innovation revolutionises safety at sea. With a unique vision, Öztürk has developed this suit to provide a solution that can make users’ water activities safer and more enjoyable. Therefore, this suit is not only a product, but also a product of a mission.

Increase your safety at sea and make your water adventures safer and more enjoyable with the Multipurpose Wearable Technology Suit!

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